KiwiSaver news and analysis

15 Dec 17, 10:02am
Benje Patterson looks at 10 ways to kickstart your financial health
21 Nov 17, 7:36am
FMA puts KiwiSaver funds side-by-side to illustrate whether investors are getting bang for their buck; KiwiSaver providers unapologetic for charging the fees they do, saying investment is needed to provide quality advice
17 Nov 17, 7:36am
JBWere strategist who raised concerns about the share market's future in 2010, now says a slump in new listings, risks associated with an over-valued market & tax distortions aren't enough to prevent the NZX from growing
8 Nov 17, 9:26am
Mercer's David Scobie assesses how KiwiSaver has worked out for members over the past decade on an after-tax, after-fees basis across the various risk categories
7 Nov 17, 2:05pm
CEO David McLean acknowledges Westpac NZ was 'caught on the back foot' in year of two distinct halves, sees KiwiSaver fees 'evolving'
4 Nov 17, 7:30am
The newly-minted Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister commits to championing open banking, capping payday lenders' interest rates, and writing a code of conduct for the supermarket industry
3 Nov 17, 10:02am
Money blogger Ryan Johnson on the 'getting rich from property' trap, sustainable frugality, automating your financial plan, the paying off debt vs investing debate, growing wealth to buy back time and more
28 Oct 17, 9:28am
As the current business cycle nears its peak, KiwiSaver fund performance is getting tested and track records go under the spotlight. Fund manager strategies extend the difference between 'best' and also-ran
21 Oct 17, 7:54am
Our comprehensive review of KiwiSaver growth funds to September 2017, identifying who has the best long-term returns
18 Oct 17, 10:00am
Our comprehensive review of moderate KiwiSaver fund regular savings returns as at September 30, 2017, identifying who has the best long-term returns
17 Oct 17, 7:41am
Our comprehensive review of default KiwiSaver fund performance to September 2017, identifying who has the best long-term returns
5 Oct 17, 9:15am
FMA report on KiwiSaver exposes complacent default providers, banks slow to cut fees, and niche KiwiSaver providers' possible avoidance of low income earners
26 Sep 17, 9:26am
As the National and Labour/Greens sides both court Winston Peters, here's a look at what he campaigned for in monetary policy and banking, insurance & KiwiSaver
14 Sep 17, 4:38pm
James Shaw says the Greens are in the fight of their lives; Alex Tarrant asks him about monetary policy, income, savings and capital gains taxes, potential Cabinet posts and Kiwibank
12 Sep 17, 9:23am
Grant Robertson makes his case for the Finance Minister job: Alex Tarrant asks about Monetary Policy and not spooking the market with an unemployment target, productivity, free trade, tax settings and spending priorities
10 Sep 17, 4:16pm
National to double HomeStart grant to $20,000 for an existing house, raise new build grant to $30,000; Labour's Ardern steps up campaign with 'first 100 days' pledge
29 Aug 17, 8:04am
Terry Baucher on why KiwiSaver and Bitcoin mean some form of comprehensive capital taxation is inevitable
23 Aug 17, 8:24am
Brian Fallow takes a look at what policies Winston Peters might want enacted in return for propping up a National or Labour led government, - and what they may cost
17 Aug 17, 7:54am
Declining home ownership rates are turning the corner, Building & Construction Minister Smith says while talking up increasing numbers of first home buyers turning to govt subsidies
17 Aug 17, 6:02am
FMA survey finds more than 60% of bond investors know their interest rates and maturity dates, yet only 38% understand bonds aren’t guaranteed


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