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A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; some rate changes, price pressures build, jobs market strong, factories busy, Auckland stars, swaps fall, NZD holds, & more

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; some rate changes, price pressures build, jobs market strong, factories busy, Auckland stars, swaps fall, NZD holds, & more

Here are the key things you need to know before you leave work today.

Resimac has cut its floating rate for LVR<70% to 2.79% from 2.99%.

Asset Finance raised its 1 year rate to 3.50%.

Latest ANZ Business Outlook Survey shows an unprecedented net +85% of businesses expect higher costs ahead. In May, they suggested that business conditions were peaking; but they have expanded from there into June. Inflation expectations are now 2.33%, the highest since November 2017.

The latest BNZ/SEEK employment report shows job ads at a fresh record high in May, recording a last expanding labour market.

ANZ's June update of its Truckometer indexes shows plenty of volatility and revision. But it also shows strong traffic growth for both personal use (cars) and trucks (heavy). ANZ suggests some activity is higher because firms are working to adjust to supply chain disruptions. But they also suggest that most of it is because "firms and people are getting on with it".

Local authorities saw their rates and "regulatory income" (which includes fees and fines) rise by +4.5% in the year to March 2021. That is turning higher again after a 2020 which saw this growth fall to just +2.2% pa at one point.

Mercury Energy (MCY) has sharply cut its earnings guidance to $460 mln, down from the prior $520 mln. They say lower hydro generation is behind this given earlier dry conditions, and an unplanned and probably long-term outage at its Kawerau geothermal power station. These declines kept them from getting any additions from the higher earning of its Tilt Renewables investment. It's an ugly result that would have been even more ugly if it wasn't for Tilt.

The Climate Change Commission has published its final emissions reduction budgets, saying New Zealand's starting point is worse than expected, so more will need to be done.

The new May 2032 NZ Government bond has been issued via syndication for $2.25 bln. These bonds carry a coupon of 2%, attracted $7.5 bln in the book-build process and were issued with a yield to maturity of 1.8725% pa at the bottom of the guidance range when they were announced. The "joint lead managers" (ticket clippers) were ANZ NZ, BNZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and J.P. Morgan Securities Australia. As we have earlier noted, the subsequent normal NZGB tenders are been cut back.

Manufacturing sales came in +2.7% higher in the March quarter than for March 2019 (the March 2020 data is pandemic-affected of course). Manufacturing volumes are +2.2% higher on that basis. These are not impressive gains, but at least they are gains. Of some concern is that finished stocks are up almost +13% on the same basis. Manufacturing to build stocks can be an indication things aren't sustainable at current levels. This March data is a contrast to the strong June business confidence survey above.

The NZX listed property equities rose +2.4% last week and are up +3.6% since the start of October 2020. Last week's mover is Vital Healthcare (VHP) which was up +1 place to 27th in the NZX50. This is a sector with an overall capitalisation of $11.4 bln or 9% of the overall NZX50 capitalisation. It is not a sector that is starring in the overall index. Interestingly, these 8 companies together have a capitalisation less than Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's $16.6 bln.

Auckland has topped the Economist's The Global Liveability Index 2021. Sydney fell out of the top ten. Osaka Japan was #2, Adelaide was #3, and Wellington was #4 sharing that spot with Tokyo. (It doesn't look like housing affordability was a big factor in this survey. The main categories for scoring were crime and threats, healthcare, culture & environment, education, and infrastructure.)

China's producer prices grew +9.0% in May from a year ago, the fastest rate of increase in 13 years and higher than the +8.5% expected. In April they rose +6.8% on the same basis, so the pace is quickening. Their consumer prices rose +1.3% year-on-year and while that was faster than for the prior month it was less than the +1.6% pa expected.

Compared to this time yesterday, the gold price is down -US$8 and now at US$1892/oz . It closed in New York at this same US$11893/oz and in London at US$1893/oz.

Wall Street ended its session virtually unchanged from the prior day. The Tokyo market has started out down -0.3%, and Hong Kong has opened -0.1% so far. Shanghai is up +0.3% in early trade. The ASX200 is down a minor -0.1% in early afternoon trade, but the NZX50 Capital Index is heading for a +0.4% gain late in its session. Auckland Airport (AIA #2 +2.0%) and Ryman (RYM #9 +1.8%) lead the NZX50 gainers. ATM #10 +1.6% and FPH #1 +1.2% also booked good gains.

We don't have today's closing swap rates yet. If there are significant changes again today, we will update this item. They probably fell. The 90 day bank bill rate is unchanged at 0.32%. The Australian Govt ten year benchmark rate is down -7 bps at 1.53%. The China Govt ten year bond is little-changed at 3.14%. The New Zealand Govt ten year is down -4 bps at 1.78% and now above the earlier RBNZ fix of 1.77% (-5 bps). And the US Govt ten year has fallen back -4 bps to 1.53%.

The Kiwi dollar is holding at 72 USc and where it was when we opened this morning. Against the Aussie we are little-changed at 93 AUc. Against the euro we are soft at 59.1 euro cents. That means the TWI-5 is now at 73.5 and very little-changed from where we opened this morning.

The bitcoin price is now at US$32,555 and very little different from this time yesterday. But in between things have been volatile, falling at one point to US$31,035 and near is 2021 lows. Volatility in the past 24 hours has been very high at +/- 4.5%.

This soil moisture chart is animated here.

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It seems baffling that affordability or cost of living aren't taken into account when ranking the most liveable cities. Wellington being fourth makes me lose all respect for it.

The ranking methodology says:

The extent to which cities were sheltered by strong border closures, their ability to handle the health crisis and the pace at which they rolled out vaccination campaigns drove significant changes in the rankings

Based on that info, Mogadishu must have moved several places up the livability ranking with Somalia reporting fewer cases than most European and North American countries.


Those doing the survey can't have visited Auckland then....

I think the ranking methodology assumes you are a highly paid expat, a consultant for HSBC or something. That’s the target demographic. Quality of life for normal people is pretty irrelevant. Always a good opportunity to whip out the ‘Yay Kiwi’ narrative though.

No doubt. The Reddit 'NZ is a Utopia' circle jerk will be in full swing once Europe / Americas wake up.


Reflection of housing market - how can Robertson's and Orr's of NZ be blind or unable to see or is it that are aware but ....

In February 2021 market was very hot as per media report and data and since April as per Mr Orr market is cooling BUT a 2 bedroom unit purchased in February 2021 for $825000 ( At peak) is now again in market and asking between 1.1 million to 1.2 million - is not in the best street or near beach.

This reflects the craziness. Asking insane price and also getting it though doubtful that this speculator will be successful but still....


Another thing that really baffles me is that Jacinda abd co are so happy to let 30%+ house prices like it’s absolutely nothing. Not a flinch but oh no how dare underpaid nurses ask for a 17% pay rise. That’s preposterous!!!!!

Its because her, her hubby and her family are getting richer.

Wow! Look at the arbitrage profits to be made between the NY and London gold prices! 10k difference (@David, I think you added an extra "1" in the NY price :-p)



And yet – we still have the OCR set at 0.25% - an emergency rate set over a year ago when the world and it’s economy looked as if it was to about to enter a death spiral from which few would survive.

Are we still in that position – no.

Fearful RBNZ thinks best there’s no change – happy to endlessly “wait and see”.

Every day, their inaction looks a bigger, more glaring mistake.

The RBNZ has made fools of themselves and have proven incapable of doing the easiest of jobs. We need a full enquiry about their devestating policies. Orr and Bascan't, in my opinion, should be thrown in prison.

It is your inability to see beyond your singular self interest view to demonstrate any understanding of the wider implications of RBNZ actions is making you the fool.

"It is your inability to see beyond your singular self interest view" ..crikey printer you really have some big blinkers on - nearly fell out of my seat when I read your comment! Fancy you of all people uttering that...

Rubbish. You are in the same category as Groat - an inability to see beyond a singular narrow vested view. Me, as previously posted, I've been out of property investment since 2016 so don't have a vested interest, and no blinkers on as I can see the wide ranging rationale of the actions of both RBNZ and the Government. By re-reading Groat's and your comment its pretty basic (and hopefully not beyond you and Groat) to see who has the blinkers on . . . and when previously challenging Groat to question what these could be it drew a total blank.
frazz, - or Groat - prove that you don't have blinkers on by at least acknowledging the rationale of RBNZ actions.
I wait for either your or Groat's response - so put up before you comment.

Me thinks P8 is actually the great Mr.Orr, the way he defends RBNZ is beyond amazing. They are gods who can do no wrong.

Nah just from the same clueless generation unfortunately.

"P8 is actually the great Mr.Orr" Another ridiculous flippant comment from you.
To show that you have a bit of understanding, see if you can identify from the RBNZ perspective what the the rationale for their actions has been.
Doesn't take intelligence to blindly throw glib comments around. If you want to be taken seriously, you too need to put up before you comment further.

OK boomer!

"OK boomer !"

What an insightful, well written comment with valid points… Not. One resorts to personal attacks when out of arguments

All the big selfish ego's on this comments section are boomers. Funny that.

Passerby and Groat
There you go - unable to show any insight to the issue other than your narrow self-interest so reduced to respond only by slagging off.

To all the miserable, perpetual complainers on here:

"Auckland has topped the Economist's The Global Liveability Index 2021"


Auckland is a dump.

Hahaha, so you do recognise yourself as being a miserable complainer!

Auckland is a dump.

That explains your previous comment so much better, very insightful, well written, with valid points.


Auckland’s setting and natural environment is quite nice.

The city itself isn’t much of anything.

Yeah and also North shore

Seems like an oversight to not include affordability as a metric in these rankings.

Something Yvil does not care about nor The Economist, apparently.

Some people think they know better than the Economist, oversized ego or just ignorance?

Many of us know better than the Economist.


You do realize that survey is to help place global execs right?
No you obviously didn't, Showing YOUR ignorance....

Covid helped the ranking... "This year, Auckland in New Zealand rose to the top of the index owing to its successful approach in containing the covid-19 pandemic. Its society largely remained open and the city scored strongly on a number of metrics including education, culture and environment."

Interesting article on Fed and inflation

Everyone is waking up to question reserve bank and it's policy.

They have gotten away till now but seems will have to face the music soon.

The new May 2032 NZ Government bond has been issued via syndication for $2.25 bln. These bonds carry a coupon of 2%, attracted $7.5 bln in the book-build process and were issued with a yield to maturity of 1.8725% pa at the bottom of the guidance range when they were announced. The "joint lead managers" (ticket clippers) were ANZ NZ, BNZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and J.P. Morgan Securities Australia.

Three times + oversubscribed. Demand for safe, liquid sovereign securities remains undiminished irrespective of MSM inflation hysteria.

The "ticket clippers" are in the business of purchasing securities and creating a record of the money they owe the government, which gets credited to the RBNZ Crown Settlement account. The same banks are debited central bank reserves until transfer payments are deposited into beneficiary private sector bank accounts.

Fiji covid update: 845 infections and wait for it...4 deaths. No, dont laugh

0.5% fatality rate (so far) is pretty consistent with other countries. Why would you laugh at that?

You are very wrong there mfd. 1 percent NZ, 2 percent USA is quadruple

You can take them with huge pinches of salt due to undiagnosed cases, and NZ has such small numbers significantly affected by a single rest home that it's not really a meaningful number beyond an order of magnitude. Fiji does have a fairly young population, so wouldn't be surprising if they suffered fewer deaths.

You know deaths lag infections...?

Not any more as there are treatments ... remdesivir is one but also "So far the only drug that has been shown to reduce deaths from the disease has been dexamethasone"

Wall to wall sickening Fiji coverage on the newshour implied rampaging carnage of hundreds if not thousands of deaths.

The fijians dont want to have complete lockdown and who can blame them

Historic day for Bitcoin - El Salvador has voted in parliament with a super-majority 62 out of 84 votes to make BTC legal tender. As soon as the motion is published in the gazette, all retailers in the country have to accept BTC transactions.

This is going to drive a massive uptick in POS solution adoption like the lightning network. The innovation in this space is just beginning and IMO we're seeing the first big event that marks a cross-over from innovator to early adopter stage on the technology adoption curve.

Westerners like Peter Howson from the bitcoin beat-up article 2 days ago, who wax lyrical about what a big waste of energy Bitcoin is, then jump on their phones to scroll pics of kittens on Instagram are completely out of touch with the real world utility of BTC. Decentralised non-custodial banking, secured by proof of work is no joke.

Oh dear – El Salvador – really?!?

Yes custard - over 75% of the population do not have a bank account (or denied access) - game changer and others in the region will soon follow.

I’m aware of some of the issues you point out – however I do struggle to reference El Salvador as some sort of significant or convincing pivot point.

If “others in the region” consist of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua then again – this is hardly the “A” team coming out to bat.

But overall I just watch and view with interest – perhaps it really is a game changer – I have no skin in the game either way.

Or could El Salvador's promotion of Bitcoin simply reflect it is a Narco Economy and it's principal politician's are on the take and aiding their sponsers in hiding their cash flows.

You do realise the bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger, so probably the worst way to transact for crime as every transaction is traceable? Better to keep using suitcases of freshly printed USD for that.

35%+ of the worlds population is unbanked. That's 2.6 billion people. A sovereign nation taking this legislative step to address this is no small deal. A precedent has been set.

Yet that 75% of the population with no bank account, do have an account with a bitcoin broker?

With bitcoin you don't need a broker, that's optional.

Lol you dont need a broker, thats the point. It is straight peer to peer with no middle man and you just put an app on your phone. You control your coins at all times :)

Yes. Bitcoin has been legal tender in Japan since 2016. Surely that's a bigger deal than this. Not trying to belittle the significance in any way but it's not the first country in the world to make BTC legal tender.

Japan has the Yen, but for a country like El Salvador (despite it's corruption) who uses the USD as it's sovereign currency moving to a decentralised standard like BTC is a big deal. You should read the bill in the linked article. 70% of El Salvador are un-banked. This isn't anything like Japan.

Fair points. I was just trying to point out that the recognition of Bitcoin under Japanese law is probably more important for general acceptance than El Salvador. Most Western nations don't take notice of countries like El Salvador and don't care about its woes.

haha 'with 64 out of 84 members of parliament being holders of BTC'

Yes. And Tesla will now have to accept BTC in El Salvador.

Just what Musk wants....oh wait..or was the doge...can't remember!

No capital gains taxes either


How is your forecast for $100kUSD in June for bitcon going?

I remember when you were jumping to buy more when it went below $40k USD and that it was quite unlikely to make it to $32k USD. Well, it has made it to that level several times since then. The wild part is that it has vacillated from 32 to 40 to 32 present 34. Go ahead, HODL. As Clint Eastwood would say, I dare you...

My prediction couldn't account for an entitled billionaire with Asperger's, a sense of humor that thinks shilling meme coins is funny and a Trumpesq penchant for tweeting unfortunately. I bought the most Bitcoin in a single purchase I've made at 31k though. I stand by my $100k prediction, but probably looking more like August given the current state. I'm still picking a top of around $350k this cycle. I would tell Clint Eastwood, my family are going to be setup in future generations to be the Rockefellers of NZ.

Still buying with any spare change I can get my hands on. This cycle is no where near over yet. We were looking for a correction when Muskrats's tweet just gave it the push over the cliff. Liquidations did the rest, destroying anyone and everyone (me included for a small part) that had leverage. It was also compounded by people opening new leveraged longs on the way down hoping to catch the bottom, which in turn just got liquidated.
Massive crazy times.

Leverage is for people with a huge risk tolerance - definitely not me. BTC is my reserve, then I've got a tidy sum staked in SOL, with a smaller amount liquidity farming. Even the farming is quite high risk for my appetite with the risk of impermanent loss in volatile markets pretty high.

That livability report is a nonsense. How can a report on 'liveability' not consider affordability?
More kiwis should consider Adelaide, at number 3 without taking account of affordability. Would be above Aucklabd if affordability was considered.

If it was 'Affordability' Auckland and Wellington would be 1627 and 1436 ho ho ho

Osaka at #2. Can get anywhere without a car. Can ride a bike for transport not as a death wish.

I call bull$#@ on that. My understanding from the anti bikers and anti foot brigade and anything remotely green is that that sort of thing is entirely impossible for any city anywhere and that's why we don't do it here. They must be right surely.