We analyse the MPs exposure to trusts, mortgages, and KiwiSaver. Yes, there are party differences, but some are not as pronounced as you might expect

We analyse the MPs exposure to trusts, mortgages, and KiwiSaver. Yes, there are party differences, but some are not as pronounced as you might expect

(This story has been updated with the property ownership data.)

The annual Register of Pecuniary Interests does reveal some interesting preferences of our lawmakers.

For example, no National MP borrows money from Kiwibank.

No Green Party member has a trust, but the majority of members from all other parties do use trusts.

AMP is the preferred choice for KiwiSaver for many MPs.

Two thirds of all MPs have a mortgage.

MPs own or have interests in about 3 properties each.

Here is a summary of what they reveal by their 'investment' choices.


Fourteen percent of MPs are not signed up for any KiwiSaver Scheme. 

KiwiSaver Schemes ACT Greens Labour National NZ First Total
[none] 1   4 11 1 17
AMP   2 10 10 3 25
ANZ   1 9 5 1 16
ASB   1 2 9 2 14
Booster     5 4   9
BNZ     1 2   3
Craigs/Quay St     1 1   2
Fidelity         1 1
Fisher Funds   1 4 3 1 9
Kiwi Wealth   2 5 4   11
Mercer     1 2   3
Milford       2   2
SuperLife   1       1
Simplicity     2 2   4
Tower     1     1
Westpac     1 1   2

If MPs contribute to a personal superannuation scheme an ‘employer’ contribution is made based on the basic MPs salary.

For MPs elected before 1992, who have served consistently since that date, there is an entitlement to membership of the Government Superannuation Fund (GSF) scheme, which provides for a pension on leaving parliament that reflects years of service. MPs elected after 1992 are entitled to a contribution which is paid as a lump sum when the MP leaves Parliament.

The scheme can be a KiwiSaver, master trust or registered personal superannuation scheme. These latter two may cover those not in a KiwiSaver scheme.


  ACT Greens Labour National NZ First Total
Trusts 1 0 24 44 6 75
No trusts 0 8 22 12 3 45

Some of these trusts may involve master trusts for their parliamentary superannuation schemes.


This is who they owe money to.

  ACT Greens Labour National NZ First Total
[none] 1 4 13 17 3 38
ANZ     15 9 2 26
ASB     6 14 3 23
BNZ   1 4 9   14
Kiwibank   1 5   1 7
Westpac   2 8 9 2 21
Co-operative Bank       1   1
Heartland Bank       1   1
NBS     1     1
Sovereign       1   1
NZ Home Loans       1   1

This may add to more than the total number of MPs as some owe money to multiple banks.

Almost a third of MPs have no mortgage.

Property ownership interests

  ACT Greens Labour National NZ First Total
Residential 0 6 79 133 16 228
Commercial 0 0 0 30 0 30
Other 0 2 55 32 8 95
average per MP 0 1 2.9 3.5 2.7 2.9

This table counts property interests, not necessarily sole ownership.

It is possible that some trusts in which an MP has an interest (such as Maori trusts) have many properties not included here.

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Raymond Huo (Labour, List)
Chesterfields Trust (trustee and beneficiary)
NZ Chinese Language Week Trust (trustee)
Rental investment properties (x9, as a shareholder of the company that owns the
properties), Auckland


Now I see why kiwibuild can't work.

Shhh, you're only meant to focus on the evil Nats and their ownership of rental properties.

It's been fairly well discussed here that Labour have an average of 1.91 properties per MP and National an average of 3.43 per MP.


Both figures suggest a problem for governance and its impact on younger Kiwis, albeit Labour less so. Especially in light of Labour's more friendly stance to younger Kiwis vis-a-vis student debt vs. National's increases of student loan repayments, increase of tax on Kiwisaver employer contribution etc.

I have added a table of property ownership to the story above. Labour MPs have 2.9/MP, not 1.9.

Hi David, Thanks for this, much appreciated.

I feel more comfortable led by successful persons.

Please share with us how the above tables relate to success in life ?