Oliver Hartwich

18 Sep 18, 7:22am
NZ Initiative report suggests up to one dollar in three of NZ general government spending is wasteful, representing about 13% of GDP, or $20,000 per household annually
6 Nov 17, 1:26pm
Think tank welcomes Housing Minister's suggestions of simplifying planning rules and abolishing Auckland's rural urban boundary
20 Sep 17, 9:11am
National, Labour and the Greens want to reduce government debt. But is it the right time for political parties to be campaigning on tightening the government’s purse strings?
16 Mar 17, 9:38am
Labour's targeted-bond housing infrastructure plan gets support from the New Zealand Initiative, critique from Infrastructure Minister Steven Joyce
18 Oct 16, 10:41am
NZ Initiative argues the housing crisis is behind inequality in NZ and 'a modern society and affordable housing do not have to be mutually exclusive'
27 May 16, 10:00am
Oliver Hartwich on going to France if you want to work less, Don Brash's take on monetary policy when inflation won't budge, the economics of love, Vietnam's openness to the free market & more
8 Sep 15, 9:35am
Oliver Hartwich concludes his assessment of what whent wrong in Europe with the lessons for New Zealand
7 Sep 15, 10:07am
Oliver Hartwich argues the Eurozone crisis started on the day the Euro currency was introduced
5 Sep 15, 1:39pm
Oliver Hartwich shows how Europe is proving that 'demographics is destiny' and the signs point to a more peaceful, less creative, less dynamic, and more risk averse place that has lost its mojo
4 Sep 15, 10:38am
Oliver Hartwich tracks the rise of the European welfare state driving spending and taxes to unprecendented levels - 'bread and circuses' to mask its structural flaws
3 Sep 15, 1:18pm
Oliver Hartwich says that with it's deeply embedded parochial regionalism, the EU just can't operate like a nation-state. Everyone is foreign to everyone else
2 Sep 15, 2:01pm
Oliver Hartwich argues 'democracy' operates quite differently in the EU, subservient to the goals of the European elites & voters are disengaged
1 Sep 15, 12:20pm
Oliver Hartwich leaves behind rose-tinted accounts of the history of European integration with a more realistic view of how they wandered into a dead end
31 Aug 15, 11:49am
Oliver Hartwich looks at the lessons New Zealand policymakers can take from Europe's woes
26 Jul 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey explains how Councils could ease RMA and other restrictions to kick-start economic growth, and in exchange get a cut from Government of the fruits of that growth
13 Jun 15, 1:56pm
Oliver Hartwich looks deeper at the OECD Survey of New Zealand and finds a long list of previously ignored recommendations
4 Jun 15, 12:50pm
Getting renters' rights up to German standards dubbed a key stepping stone to cooling the housing market
17 Oct 14, 10:03am
Oliver Hartwich on NZ's rock star economy, violent shocks for global economy, Germany the sick man of Europe, the wrong economics, Dilbert and more
26 Aug 14, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; lower home loan rates, lower swap rates, less high LVR lending, exports soft, NZ's rating affirmed, NZD starts to rise again
25 Aug 14, 9:33pm
NZ Initiative says we need another 113,800 new homes by 2031 as demographic changes come home to roost


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