Auckland Unitary Plan

2 Dec 18, 12:42pm
Rodney Dickens finds the council-controlled subdivision process, the RMA and increasing infrastructure costs directly contribute to high section prices, and these processes give cover for gouging by developers
17 Nov 18, 2:43pm
Rodney Dickens says the real problem inhibiting affordable housing is the cost of sections, and that is the one key thing the Government can do to solve the affordability problem
12 Sep 18, 9:22am
Auckland Council has rejected 2 high-density apartment developments on public transport routes near the CBD. Hayden Donnell asks whether council’s consents department really believes in the Unitary Plan
8 Sep 18, 10:31am
Auckland Council is consenting many more dwellings, especially smaller dwelling units. And building these will require a different type of construction worker, one already in hot demand
28 Aug 18, 7:16am
Rodney Dickens criticises Auckland Council's economists, claiming their desire for higher density housing near rapid transport routes taints their analysis
8 Aug 18, 2:57pm
Auckland Council points to surging housing consent numbers particularly on 'brownfield sites' as evidence the Unitary Plan is working and 'helping deliver a more compact city'
19 Apr 18, 10:16am
Rezoning to allow more intensive development brought windfall profits for some property owners, not so much for others, says Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy
27 Mar 18, 10:04am
The Government's plans to build 3000-4000 affordable homes in Mt Albert will be a litmus test for both its KiwiBuild scheme and Auckland Council's Unitary Plan
12 Mar 18, 3:58pm
Auckland Council's economists say the early signs are the new Urban Plan is encouraging much more brownfield development that is infrastructure-efficient
24 Jan 18, 5:02am
Auckland Council's economists argue that evidence from across NZ supports the conclusion that land use regulation is unlikely to be the main culprit for house price rises
10 Oct 17, 3:28pm
Auckland Council eyes using property development arm Panuku Development Auckland to help establish more affordable housing
31 May 17, 12:53pm
A tongue in cheek look at the broken record of housing supply not meeting demand in Auckland; What the RBNZ says in its Financial Stability Report and what it's really thinking
24 Apr 17, 11:16am
Finance Minister Joyce says govt concerned about young people's ability to save for a house deposit while being hit by 48k tax threshold and student loan repayments; Prods Auckland Council on transport spending
7 Apr 17, 7:31am
'We absolutely have an interest in helping finance some' of the housing required to overcome Auckland's shortage, ANZ Group CEO Shayne Elliott says
29 Mar 17, 2:10pm
Labour responds to challenge from Joyce that political parties should seriously consider ProdComm urban planning proposals in Election 2017 campaign; Notes similarities to current policies
29 Mar 17, 5:02am
NZ's urban planning framework requires substantial overhaul to avoid further harmful effects from spiraling house prices, infrastructure shortfalls and environmental costs, Productivity Commission says; 'Scrap the RMA'
23 Mar 17, 5:02am
Auckland has a well publicised housing shortage. Over the ditch there's an array of property development companies and concerns about oversupply. So why aren't more of them coming to Auckland?
22 Mar 17, 9:35am
How NZ could fix property taxation, face down the NIMBY problem, overhaul the RMA and drive sustainable urban development - OECD
12 Mar 17, 7:14am
Labour's Phil Twyford is pushing out the boundaries of Labour’s stance on housing infrastructure, eyeing a govt unit to access finance for developers
21 Feb 17, 12:09pm
Credit rating agency warns of impact from banks' tightening commercial property lending standards as Auckland Unitary Plan opens increased building options


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