Auckland Unitary Plan

10 Oct 17, 3:28pm
Auckland Council eyes using property development arm Panuku Development Auckland to help establish more affordable housing
31 May 17, 12:53pm
A tongue in cheek look at the broken record of housing supply not meeting demand in Auckland; What the RBNZ says in its Financial Stability Report and what it's really thinking
24 Apr 17, 11:16am
Finance Minister Joyce says govt concerned about young people's ability to save for a house deposit while being hit by 48k tax threshold and student loan repayments; Prods Auckland Council on transport spending
7 Apr 17, 7:31am
'We absolutely have an interest in helping finance some' of the housing required to overcome Auckland's shortage, ANZ Group CEO Shayne Elliott says
29 Mar 17, 2:10pm
Labour responds to challenge from Joyce that political parties should seriously consider ProdComm urban planning proposals in Election 2017 campaign; Notes similarities to current policies
29 Mar 17, 5:02am
NZ's urban planning framework requires substantial overhaul to avoid further harmful effects from spiraling house prices, infrastructure shortfalls and environmental costs, Productivity Commission says; 'Scrap the RMA'
23 Mar 17, 5:02am
Auckland has a well publicised housing shortage. Over the ditch there's an array of property development companies and concerns about oversupply. So why aren't more of them coming to Auckland?
22 Mar 17, 9:35am
How NZ could fix property taxation, face down the NIMBY problem, overhaul the RMA and drive sustainable urban development - OECD
12 Mar 17, 7:14am
Labour's Phil Twyford is pushing out the boundaries of Labour’s stance on housing infrastructure, eyeing a govt unit to access finance for developers
21 Feb 17, 12:09pm
Credit rating agency warns of impact from banks' tightening commercial property lending standards as Auckland Unitary Plan opens increased building options
14 Feb 17, 11:07am
Building and Construction Minister Smith says getting better estimates of NZ housing shortage is tough without becoming Soviet-style economy
13 Feb 17, 5:50pm
PM English welcomes Auckland unitary plan ruling; Eyes development on govt land in Mt Roskill, Avondale and South Auckland in addition to existing projects
8 Feb 17, 4:02pm
NZ house prices look to have peaked, Joyce says as Treasury warns borrowers on rising interest rates; Greens eye BC-style stamp duty
22 Jan 17, 7:02am
Mt Albert by-election reveals extent to which Labour and the Greens see eye-to-eye, as they set their sights on National
19 Jan 17, 11:58am
Matthew Paetz, Auckland planning manager of The Property Group, calls for a US-style solution to Auckland's housing woes
10 Dec 16, 8:20am
Paul Glass argues New Zealand should target a desired rate of population so we can plan for the necessary infrastructure and housing required rather than trying to play catch up
12 Nov 16, 5:02am
RBNZ concerned range of challenges facing the construction industry will limit high density building and intensification in Auckland
10 Oct 16, 8:02am
Finance Minister signals significant ramping up of house building on Housing NZ Corp land in Auckland; says Govt will be major provider of "medium density, medium-priced" housing in Auckland; suggests Govt may spend on housing rather than tax cuts
1 Oct 16, 9:17am
Geoff Simmons wants Auckland to just get on with the Unitary Plan, says there are no loss of 'rights' involved, the 'heritage' claims are a smokescreen, and the delays kneecap tomorrow's heritage
28 Sep 16, 4:43pm
Auckland building consents could be delayed as appeals against the new Unitary Plan grind their way through the courts


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