NZ Initiative

18 Sep 18, 7:22am
NZ Initiative report suggests up to one dollar in three of NZ general government spending is wasteful, representing about 13% of GDP, or $20,000 per household annually
15 Sep 18, 11:02am
Oliver Hartwich says a new book is required reading for anyone wanting to understand 21st century politics
12 Sep 18, 3:01pm
Discussion papers released on Govt plans to introduce Wellbeing measures into public finance and for the setting up of an independent fiscal institution to provide non-partisan costing of political policies
31 Aug 18, 1:17pm
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ Act review, the NZ Initiative's Roger Partridge argues greater oversight of the RBNZ's role as prudential regulator is required
20 Aug 18, 8:41am
NZ Initiative's Natanael Rother says decentralisation has fostered an ever-prosperous Switzerland
2 Aug 18, 11:22am
The NZ Initiative's Bryce Wilkinson says New Zealanders are much more heavily taxed today than in the past
26 Jul 18, 10:51am
NZ Initiative's Martine Udahemuka says the benefits for employers to train apprentices need to be front and centre in the discussion on New Zealand’s approach to vocational education and training
16 Jul 18, 4:36pm
David Hargreaves says other things need to happen first before we consider giving local government more decentralised power
10 Jul 18, 10:24am
Sam Warburton calls out the false claim by public transport boosters that Auckland's new regional fuel tax isn't as regressive as you think. It is, and is really hurting poor families
23 Jun 18, 9:46am
If New Zealand is to crack the problems of unaffordable housing, government here must look seriously at how the better parts of America finance infrastructure, Eric Crampton argues
8 Jun 18, 2:49pm
The NZ Initiative's Sam Warburton says it's time to push back against a lack of evidence in local & central government policy making
30 May 18, 8:31am
NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton highlights the risk ratepayers have if local Councils get into financial trouble and says we all need to keep an eye on whether Council debt-funded projects make sense
17 May 18, 5:44pm
Government commits to setting up an independent fiscal institution to provide non-partisan costings of political parties’ policies 
30 Apr 18, 2:20pm
The NZ Initiative's Martine Udahemuka looks at the challenges for young people in entering the workforce & argues NZ could do worse than learn from Switzerland, Germany & Denmark
16 Apr 18, 9:28am
Richard Baker explains why an NZ Initiative report on NZ's key economic regulators rates the FMA ahead of the Commerce Commision and the RBNZ
2 Apr 18, 7:55am
The NZ Initiative's Richard Baker says the Bank of Mum & Dad is a transfer of wealth to the young, leaving the parents with new debt and expense, and highlighting all that's wrong with our housing market
28 Mar 18, 3:58pm
Ministry of Transport says the burden of the Auckland fuel tax could actually fall on people in rural communities – Minister of Transport brushes off concerns
7 Mar 18, 11:58am
Companies, lobby groups and individuals have been having their say on the Government’s Overseas Investment Amendment Bill. The vibe? Negative
5 Mar 18, 10:30am
The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says Parliament deserves better advice about the policies it is being asked to consider
25 Feb 18, 7:24am
Eric Crampton argues fixing problems constraining infrastructure financing and with local government housing supply incentives must be the Govt's most important task


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