Grant Spencer

5 Dec 17, 1:34pm
Reserve Bank Acting Governor says if inflation doesn't pick up from late next year 'a further easing of monetary policy' would have to be considered
1 Dec 17, 2:11pm
SBS Bank's consumer lending, via subsidiary Finance Now, surges 20% in one quarter boosted by Warehouse acquisition
30 Nov 17, 1:27pm
The Reserve Bank's loosening of LVR limits will give the banks greater flexibility with their lending policies - but David Hargreaves wonders if the banks will actually want that at the moment
30 Nov 17, 9:35am
RBNZ says it's difficult to ascertain the degree to which lower bank capital may be justified through use of the internal models approach, gives feedback on directors' attestation review
29 Nov 17, 3:56pm
Reserve Bank doesn't see a collapse of house prices 'as a particularly high risk' due to Government policies, but says the new policies reinforce the RBNZ's decision to relax LVR restrictions
29 Nov 17, 10:46am
Live-streamed video from the November 2017 RBNZ FSR press conference with Acting Governor Grant Spencer - will start at 11am
29 Nov 17, 9:13am
Reserve Bank will begin rolling back the LVR restrictions with the 'speed limit' for high LVR lending for banks increased to 15% from 10%; Investors will be required to just make 35% deposits compared with 40% now
14 Nov 17, 9:37am
Four years after they were introduced to combat a rampant house market, the loan to value lending restrictions appear likely to be phased out soon; but how, and what happens next?
11 Nov 17, 8:21am
NZ's 4 Australian owned banks dominate our banking industry and increased combined annual profit by $601 mln. Against this backdrop Gareth Vaughan outlines three steps to boost competition
10 Nov 17, 7:39am
Acting RBNZ Governor Grant Spencer concerned about plans to include 'externals' on the proposed new RBNZ monetary policy committee; says the committee needs 'collective responsibility' rather than being 'individualistic'
9 Nov 17, 11:57am
Acting Reserve Bank Governor says the central bank is currently reviewing the LVR restrictions 'and the criteria we would adopt for their removal' and will say more on the subject before the end of the month
9 Nov 17, 9:51am
Live-streamed video from the November 2017 RBNZ press conference with Acting Governor Grant Spencer - will start at 10am
9 Nov 17, 9:14am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; seems more confident housing market will not take off again, sees lower dollar and predicts a slightly earlier start in 2019 to interest rate rises
7 Nov 17, 10:27am
Government considering adding employment target to the RBNZ's price stability objective, and introducing a committee decision-making model for monetary policy decisions; Opposition says employment objective 'redundant at best'  
6 Nov 17, 2:46pm
BNZ economists say the Reserve Bank should back up tighter monetary policy emphasis by bringing the date of the first interest rate rises forward
6 Nov 17, 7:41am
Economists expect OCR to stay on hold on Thursday, start to get excited about RBNZ views on new govt policy and implications for growth and inflation ahead of new employment target and new Governor
28 Sep 17, 9:48am
How long will we have to wait to hear who the new RBNZ Governor will be, and will Winston Peters have a say in the appointment and Policy Targets Agreement?
28 Sep 17, 9:09am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; reiterates view that monetary policy will remain accommodative for a considerable period; notes recent construction sector weakness
27 Sep 17, 3:47pm
The Reserve Bank's loan to value lending restrictions are about to 'celebrate' their fourth birthday. But with the wind changing in the Government and a new RBNZ Governor to appoint, will there be a fifth?
3 Aug 17, 9:38am
Grant Spencer reinforces RBNZ's tough messages for the big four banks in its capital adequacy review, says dashboard disclosure to go live early in 2018


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