Steven Joyce

5 Sep 18, 10:31am
Steven Joyce: 'Our government is currently rearranging, often negatively, not one or two but nearly every aspect of microeconomic policy'
13 Jun 18, 9:18am
In government the National Party was opposed to a deposit insurance scheme, but now in opposition finance spokeswoman Amy Adams has opened the door to the concept
20 May 18, 6:54am
The Government's commitment to establishing a non-partisan fiscal costings body is the right move - you only need to revisit the $11.7b fiscal hole saga to see why, says Jason Walls
14 Mar 18, 12:20pm
The Tax Working Group's paper calling for submissions explicitly seeks views on whether there could be items exempt from GST in order to benefit low income people
8 Mar 18, 7:16am
National’s new Finance Spokesperson Amy Adams says she will continue to hound the Government over its alleged fiscal hole, as well as criticizing it for increasing net Crown debt when it said it plans on reducing it
7 Mar 18, 4:58pm
The new National Party leader is not expecting any more of his MPs to quit before the new Caucus line up is announced within the next week, but says more will likely go 'over time'
7 Mar 18, 12:21pm
Leader Simon Bridges says Adams is the best person among National's ranks for the Finance job; she is also bumped up to three on the party list
6 Mar 18, 2:15pm
Ex-Finance Minister Steven Joyce is stepping down as an MP to seek new opportunities outside Govt; Says new leader Simon Bridges offered him any portfolio he wanted, but he turned the offer down
1 Mar 18, 2:16pm
National’s Finance Spokesman Steven Joyce wants to know how much of the $62 million dished out for the Provincial Growth Fund last week comes from Budget 2018, but Associate Finance Minister David Clark won’t say
27 Feb 18, 1:03pm
Tauranga MP Simon Bridges elected National Party leader; Says he'll present an 'ambitious and strong alternative government'; Paula Bennett retains position as deputy
24 Feb 18, 6:51am spoke to each candidate and gauged how they planned to change the National Party if elected leader on Tuesday – there is a clear split in direction, says political reporter Jason Walls
22 Feb 18, 12:28pm
Rodney MP Mark Mitchell is seen by many as the underdog of National’s leadership race but to him, that does not matter. asks the former Defence Minister what he brings to the table
20 Feb 18, 9:46am
Former Finance Minister Steven Joyce has become the fifth and, most likely, final, National MP to enter National’s leadership race
17 Feb 18, 9:07am
Regulatory impact statement on extending the bright-line test reveals why the IRD would rather keep the current two-year test in place, while Treasury is up in the air on the matter
14 Feb 18, 5:06pm
Don Brash on why Judith Collins is best placed to take on Jacinda Ardern; Michelle Boag on how the party's leadership change will be 'tidy'; and David Farrar on how National's new leader will create its brand
14 Feb 18, 9:03am
Judith Collins the first to throw her hat in the ring as a National Party leadership contender, followed by Simon Bridges and Amy Adams
13 Feb 18, 4:00pm
Bill English won’t say who he wants as his successor – but there is a clear list of candidates who have emerged as front runners for the Opposition’s top job
22 Dec 17, 10:52am
The 2017 Interesties featuring Jacinda Ardern, Steven Joyce, Metiria Turei, Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Grant Spencer, Mark Quickfall, bitcoin, DTIs, CBA, Tony Alexander, Zombie ponzi & many more
22 Dec 17, 10:09am
Lack of enthusiasm from major parties for New Zealand First's government-run KiwiSaver provider pitch with Labour non-committal
24 Nov 17, 11:49am
The Tax Working Group may yet surprise us, but its brief appears to be a disappointingly shallow and obvious one aimed at achieving narrowly-defined outcomes


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