Tax evasion

19 Feb 15, 5:00am
EY's Aaron Quintal says New Zealanders must understand the OECD's BEPS initiative will see our companies paying more tax overseas
13 Feb 15, 5:05pm
ASB preparing to 'vigorously defend' itself in $153 mln retrospective tax dispute with IRD
3 Dec 14, 10:12am
IRD finds $3.73 of tax fraud for every dollar it spends looking for it
28 Nov 14, 3:55pm
IRD says legislative, systems caveats to NZ meeting target for joining major global tax evasion crack down
29 Oct 14, 11:29am
NZ in the slow lane alongside Australia in implementation of global initiative to 'end banking secrecy as we know it'
5 Oct 14, 7:30am
Bernard Hickey points to planned crackdowns on tax evasion by big global tech companies in Europe and Australia and wonders why New Zealand is so quiet
23 Sep 14, 5:00am
NZ banks baulking at global FATCA style initiative to combat tax evasion; Lobby group says the later we adopt it the better
15 Apr 14, 9:07am
First there was FATCA, now here comes AEOI as repercussions from US tax policy spread
15 Apr 14, 7:22am
Here come the tax acronyms; FATCA, AEOI, specified US persons & the potential for a tax residence licence in your wallet alongside your driver's licence
7 Apr 14, 4:25pm
Intergovernmental agreement with US over the controversial FATCA tax act secured
5 Feb 14, 12:26pm
NZ has no option but to co-operate with the controversial US FATCA tax law, PM John Key says
4 Feb 14, 4:03pm
NZ described as 'the land without a banking law' in book explaining how to set up your own NZ registered bank for less than US$1,000
5 Nov 12, 11:24am
Terry Baucher on the fine line between tax avoidance and evasion and the harsh consequences separating the two.
21 Oct 12, 10:05am
How much freedom should individuals or companies have to change their affairs in response to tax rules? Bernard Hickey calls on us to join a British boycott of companies that do this. Your view?
27 Jun 12, 4:35pm
How NZ needs to overcome 'deficiencies" in bank and financial institution regulation to get back on EU anti money laundering and counter terrorist financing 'White List'
2 Apr 12, 4:09pm
No plans to tighten world's easiest company registration rules but Govt says 'programme of work' will crack down on illegal overseas activities of NZ registered firms
23 Mar 12, 4:26pm
Opinion: How Bob Groover of Woodstock and his mates, with MED's acquiescence, bring New Zealand's reputation into disrepute
22 Sep 11, 4:38pm
RBNZ: 'We have prevented New Zealand registered companies from committing many frauds overseas'
20 Sep 11, 4:01pm
Commerce Minister Simon Power wants taxman to help crack down on NZ registered companies implicated overseas in smuggling, money laundering and tax fraud
9 Dec 08, 9:47am
Have your say: Is our tax system fair?


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