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25 Mar 19, 9:57am
Chris Trotter takes a look at some of the political and racial aftershocks starting to emerge following the Christchurch terrorist attacks
25 Mar 19, 9:38am
Joanna Trezise says a Court of Appeal ruling in an FMA vs ANZ case gives useful clarification of the FMA’s step-in powers under the Financial Markets Authority Act
25 Mar 19, 9:04am
Roger J Kerr says it will take some 'extraordinarily positive' news to propel the Kiwi dollar through the US70c barrier in coming months
25 Mar 19, 8:03am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Monday, March 25, 2019
25 Mar 19, 7:58am
Much weaker German PMI survey increased concerns about the global economy; US equities were down sharply; US bond yields moved significantly lower; NZD was a bystander to the volatility in markets elsewhere
25 Mar 19, 7:22am
Wall Street drops sharply; global factory activity falls; some bond yields invert; trade deal talks stutter; China blocks Canada; Hayne emasculated; UST 10yr 2.44%; oil down and gold up; NZ$1 = 68.8 USc; TWI-5 = 73.3
24 Mar 19, 12:20pm
Rodney Dickens explores why our productivity growth is falling, with a special look at migration flows and the new bank capital requirements
24 Mar 19, 6:02am
Lower quartile house prices were surprisingly strong in February - making life more difficult for aspiring first home buyers
23 Mar 19, 10:02am
Bank for International Settlements paper asks whether an ageing workforce explains low inflation
23 Mar 19, 9:50am
Drought, disease and more extreme weather all predicted in Auckland Council climate change report
23 Mar 19, 9:31am
Auction sales rates are lower in Auckland than the rest of the country
23 Mar 19, 9:24am
We take an updated look at what the bond markets are signaling. Rate curves are trending down and some have turned negative. Where is this all leading?
23 Mar 19, 8:37am
Wall Street slumps on weak factory data; US Govt deficit hits record; China messes with ag imports from Canada; yield curves invert; UST 10yr 2.44%; oil down, gold up; NZ$1 = 68.7 USc; TWI-5 = 73.3
22 Mar 19, 5:06pm
Why Joe Public has more power than Jacinda Ardern when it comes to getting Mark Zuckerberg to change 
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22 Mar 19, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; Westpac cuts mortgage rates, fewer farms sold, Vector fined for outages, swaps on hold, NZD stays high, & more
22 Mar 19, 2:49pm
Farm sales volumes down 3.6% and median price per hectare down 18.4% year-on-year, REINZ's figures for the 3 months to February show
22 Mar 19, 10:38am
The OECD's global initiative aimed at combating tax evasion could have dire economic consequences in China, argues Antonio Foglia
22 Mar 19, 10:00am
Gareth Vaughan on remembering the Christchurch mosque victims, Deutsche & Donald, Spank the Banker, a warning from Latvia and Europe's money laundering woes
22 Mar 19, 9:44am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Friday, March 22, 2019
22 Mar 19, 8:10am
US equity markets have lifted, while bond yields have consolidated yesterday’s drop after testing even lower levels; US dollar has recovered with major indices back to where they were pre-Fed; NZD pushed above 0.6900

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