Oil Prices

25 Mar 19, 9:04am
Roger J Kerr says it will take some 'extraordinarily positive' news to propel the Kiwi dollar through the US70c barrier in coming months
18 Mar 19, 8:16am
Roger J Kerr says the stage is set for a big turnaround in the Australian exchange rate and when that happens the NZ dollar-Aussie dollar cross-rate will reverse back towards A93c 'as it always does'
11 Mar 19, 8:22am
Roger J Kerr says the current pessimism around the Australian and New Zealand currencies is not justified
4 Mar 19, 8:33am
Roger J Kerr says being over-reliant on a particular exchange forecast when managing FX risks has its own dangers when those forecasts suddenly change or are extreme and thus seem a long way from reality
25 Feb 19, 8:36am
After a wild week for the NZ dollar, Roger J Kerr says a positive trade outcome between the US and China would be good for the Kiwi currency
18 Feb 19, 8:25am
Roger J Kerr says the 'reef fish' are still with us in the foreign exchange market and they've been forced to hastily swim back the other way
11 Feb 19, 8:27am
Roger J Kerr says the latest unemployment figure seems like a 'rogue' number and he believes in time it will be proven that the labour market did not suddenly turn soft in the December quarter
4 Feb 19, 8:01am
Roger J Kerr says a combination of a recovering Australian dollar and a weaker American currency has helped to push the NZ dollar higher; sees further gains for the Kiwi in coming weeks and months
28 Jan 19, 8:13am
Roger J Kerr says low local inflation has reduced the risk of a NZD selloff, the NZD won't fall relative to the major currencies, and the gloomy AUD view is overdone
21 Jan 19, 7:50am
Roger J Kerr says the NZD isn't rising on improving global risk tolerance, and upcoming inflation figures will be key to the Kiwi's direction
14 Jan 19, 8:12am
Roger J Kerr sees the neagtives accumulating for the US dollar allowing the Kiwi dollar to rise along with a global sentiment shift
7 Jan 19, 7:54am
Roger J Kerr looks at the new year currency puzzle and sees the Kiwi dollar caught in the backwash of global market volatility
21 Dec 18, 10:10am
Roger J Kerr ends the year with some specific predictions on how the Kiwi dollar will track in 2019. He sees a game of three halves
17 Dec 18, 8:25am
Roger J Kerr says the mood towards the US dollar value over 2019 should turn more negative, with the sharp increase in the US Government’s budget deficit cited as a reason to adjust USD currency holdings lower
10 Dec 18, 8:08am
Roger J Kerr says moves in the US and Australian currencies will determine the next direction for the New Zealand dollar
3 Dec 18, 8:26am
Roger J Kerr suggests the Kiwi dollar may have struck fair equilibrium value in the US68c to US70c range
26 Nov 18, 8:37am
Roger J Kerr examines the positives for the New Zealand dollar - and the negatives for global oil prices
19 Nov 18, 8:16am
Roger J Kerr says the NZ dollar is now likely to go above US70c in coming weeks as speculators continue to unwind 'short-sold' positions and climb back into the Kiwi
12 Nov 18, 8:03am
Roger J Kerr says the sharp recent revival of the New Zealand currency is due to a combination of factors
5 Nov 18, 8:09am
Roger J Kerr sees more positives for the Kiwi dollar from global developments but believes the currency may give back some of its recent gains if the Reserve Bank 'inexplicably' maintains its 'overtly dovish economic outlook'


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