Business Confidence

5 Mar 19, 8:00am
David Hargreaves crunches some numbers on the growing proportion of first home buyers in an uncertain housing market
8 Feb 19, 8:38am
Ardern warns of slowing global growth, talks up trade, and announces vocational training sector reform to help plug skills shortages in first major economic speech of 2019
15 Jan 19, 11:05am
Business sentiment and demand pick up from low levels in December quarter, according to the NZIER; Weak profitability remains a problem
18 Dec 18, 4:58pm
Business confidence picks up to highest level since April according to ANZ survey; Tight credit conditions seen to be the loosest they've been in more than two years
14 Dec 18, 10:12am
Jarrod Kerr with the Top 10 things to think about into 2019 from trade wars to yield curve inversion, wage growth, property, Italy and more
27 Nov 18, 3:22pm
Proposed employment relations law tweaked to give employers a way out of multi-employer collective agreements
6 Nov 18, 11:51am
Westpac NZ's David McLean is seeing increased competition between the banks as the spring housing market springs to life
1 Nov 18, 5:00am
Winston Peters cites ANZ attributing its $1.99 billion profit partially to the strong economy, as the Govt comes under attack for business confidence remaining in a slump
12 Oct 18, 5:02am
Infometrics' Gareth Kiernan sees enough speed bumps on the horizon to slow economic growth more than the market expects; says it's time for LVRs to be eased
2 Oct 18, 10:09am
Latest NZIER Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion shows worst level of business confidence since March 2009
5 Sep 18, 10:31am
Steven Joyce: 'Our government is currently rearranging, often negatively, not one or two but nearly every aspect of microeconomic policy'
30 Aug 18, 1:38pm
ANZ’s Business Confidence Survey has registered yet another drop, with now 50% of all businesses surveyed expecting a deterioration in business conditions, dollar falls
29 Aug 18, 7:50am
Why Westpac CEO David McLean is right in urging the business community to get over the election result and get on with business
28 Aug 18, 1:39pm
Ardern tries to calm business jitters around industrial reforms by saying no more than two fair pay agreements will be concluded before the next election
28 Aug 18, 10:44am
To her credit, the PM has made numerous attempts to soothe the concerns of business – so far none of them have worked; And Jason Walls says a new Business Council will do nothing to abate business’ concerns
28 Aug 18, 8:33am
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sets up a Business Advisory Council chaired by Air NZ CEO Chris Luxon in the Government's latest attempt to woo the business community
26 Aug 18, 7:02am
Jason Walls says NZ business leaders should take a look at what’s going on with our allies before filling in their confidence surveys as political turbulence engulfs Australia & the US
21 Aug 18, 11:18am
One of the world’s biggest investment banks cuts its expectations for NZ’s economic growth citing, in part, business confidence – but it is expecting growth to pick back up before too long
18 Aug 18, 10:02am
Matt Nolan on the top 10 freely available indicators to use to try and figure out what's going on with the New Zealand economic cycle
14 Aug 18, 5:00am
Simon Bridges on how he would take up John Key's challenge to identify new economic drivers to replace strong migration and house price growth if he was in government


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