cash incentives

12 Nov 18, 9:05am
ANZ follows up its new lower one year rate with a $3000 cash back incentive, with conditions that include promising to stay with them for three years
10 Nov 18, 9:43am
We examine the margin shifts as wholesale money rates rise just as one large mortgage bank cuts a key rate, looking at the pressures and motivations for the move
10 Nov 18, 9:00am
New Zealand's largest home loan lender challenges its main rivals with a sub-4% one year fixed mortgage rate - just as wholesale swap rates turn up
5 Nov 18, 9:49am
Kiwibank is the next one to chop a key home loan rate, reducing its one year fixed rate to 4.05% as the main banks follow the challenger banks lower
3 Nov 18, 11:17am
Three cuts from a rising challenger bank tighten the rate competition for home loans. While none of these reductions are market-leading, they reinforce the downward trend in mortgage rate offers
31 Oct 18, 10:04am
Another bank trims a key fixed home loan rate. We review where the market is settling to and assess how much lower it could go as banks try to protect their margins
29 Oct 18, 8:36am
As mortgage lenders pull back from lending to property investors, offers to owner-occupiers are getting sharper as overall mortgage market growth slows
19 Oct 18, 5:02pm
SBS Bank bursts into contention in the Spring selling season with a very sharp competitive two year fixed mortgage rate, lower than all rivals
11 Oct 18, 8:51pm
Three banks change home loan rates. But even though the trend is down, further reductions may be achievable for many borrowers, even with cash-back incentives
20 Apr 17, 9:36am
Major Aussie banks move quickly to act on recommendations they change how they pay retail banking staff, NZ banks 'support customer first obligations'
19 Mar 16, 6:02am
Co-operative Bank CEO Bruce McLachlan argues banks penalising floating mortgage customers for margin pressure elsewhere is not rational
11 Jun 15, 9:22am
ASB, Kiwibank & ANZ fast out of the blocks announcing cuts in response to the RBNZ OCR reduction
23 May 15, 8:57am
Both BNZ and Westpac announce new fixed rate mortgage reductions capping a week of small rate declines
21 May 15, 5:30pm
ASB challenges its main rivals with a new rate lower by -24 bps, tweaks some of its standard rates down too
18 May 15, 9:43am
New Zealand's biggest mortgage bank removes most 'specials' but cuts all its standard rates. The result is nothing especially competitive
18 May 15, 8:18am
Reductions to 6 month, one year and five year rates position it lower than most of its main rivals, AMP Home Loan rates also cut
15 May 15, 9:03am
Sovereign launches a market leading one year fixed home loan offer of just 5.10%, in a limited two week campaign
11 May 15, 8:30am
Market leading two home loan rate re-launched by BNZ as a 'one-week only' 'special' promotion
1 May 15, 9:28am
TSB Bank cuts its 2 and 3 year home loan 'specials', keeps its cash incentive, as other banks end some of their low-rate offers
29 Apr 15, 4:45pm
The Cooperative Bank launches a standard 4.99% rate for an 18 month home loan, and a new market low


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