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Budget 2011 - Summary of all spending plans

Budget 2011 - Summary of all spending plans

This table outlines the New Zealand Government's planned spending for the 2011/12 budget year.

Actual spending for the previous four years is on the left and includes, for the sake of comparison, the previous Labour Government's final spending in 2008.

The numbers are drawn together from data released by the Minister of Finance on May 19, 2011.

Links to the primary sources used, from Treasury's website, can be found at the bottom of the page.

Click on any heading to drill down to what makes up these numbers.

Figures for each allocation are in millions of NZ$.

NZ$m NZ$m NZ$m NZ$m   NZ$m  
 99.8  102.9  113.8  123.7  Industrial relations 119.5   
 172.7 192.6 208.4  215.9  Immigration 208.8   
 184.8 211.0 194.1 219.2  Special Interests 225.1   
 29.4 26.0 49.4 272.0  Communications 615.4   
 253.4  110.3 334.6 412.8  Treaty of Waitangi 406.4   
 431.3 467.9 459.3 489.5  Arts & Culture  466.8   
 627.9 686.4 737.6 789.1  Science & Research 773.7   
 817.2 864.5 814.6 897.0  Environment 944.6   
 896.5 908.7 1,075.3 1,618.2  Housing 997.7   
 1,170.2 1,582.6 964.5 1,072.5  Industry 1,125.0   
 738.3 900.4 962.0 997.0  Foreign Policy 1,096.3   
 820.6 879.4 1,000.2 1,157.4  Government 1,100.5   
 1,655.1 1,130.9 1,194.9 1,197.1  Justice 1,298.1   
 250.8 243.9 479.4 1,577.2  Energy 1,230.4   
 2,377.9 2,585.6 2,858.6 3,007.3  Law & Order 2,982.1   
 2,607.5 2,858.3 3,299.9 3,078.5  Defence 3,398.4   
 2,155.9 3,855.5 3,490.5 3,479.1  Transport 4,322.9   
 11,607.7 17,094.2 11,719.6 13,568.4  Customs, Financing, Transfers 11,276.9   
 10,185.6 11,126.2 11,770.4 12,078.8  Education 12,190.2   
 11,135.3 11,906.3 12,722.2 13,329.3  Health 14,048.3   
 17,852.4 19,452.6 21,718.3 22,807.0  Social Welfare 23,166.3   
 ====== =====  =====  =====   =================  =====  --- 
$66,070.3 $75,390.4 $76,053.8 $78,944.4  Total Expenditure  $82,050.5  
$183,325 $185,449 $189,359 $200,291  GDP (nominal, per RBNZ)  $210,300 E
36.0% 40.7% 40.2% 39.4%  - Govt spending as % of GDP  39.0%
and this compares with taxes collected as follows:      
$61,599.2 $59,684.3 $55,899.4 $58,189.5  Total tax collected  $62,100.6  
        (click on this link for details)    
Not all the difference between tax collected and expenditure needs to be borrowed. The Crown has other sources of revenue than tax. The biggest single reason is that significant portions of National Super payments are pre-funded in the Super Fund. In 2011/12 the Government is expecting to borrow about $13.5 billion gross, $5.9 billion net.

Sources: You can download the data behind these tables from the Treasury website here >>

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First is the above chart actually correct for 2010/11?  I thought this was meant to be a "zero" budget yet spending is increasing by $3b, not to mention that it's increased by $16b over 4 years.

The NBR refers to this budget as a "Trim and singe, not a slash and burn" but I don't even see any trimming.  They also have the headline "80 years since cuts like this" and refer to overall spending being down from last year's $82.222b to $82.050b (this number agrees to above).  Wow a massive .2% cut in spending.

And Peter Dunne still states that "the Government realises what families already know, you have to live within your means".  I'm sorry, but I just don't see it.


Hi meh,

Yeah it's correct - things like the increase in super payments (more people over 65) are increasing overall spending


But will ask the PM this afternoon why it seems quite a few areas other than health, education and justice are receiving nominal spending increases


Nice drill down facility!

Just had a quick drill on Social Welfare -

Look at the $12m increase in the budget for "Connected Communities"!  Gone from $4.7m to $16.8m.  So we're spending another $12m of taxpayer dollars to provide spending advice to our poor.  Why not just divvy up the $12m between them - and they'd likely not need the advice!

Then you gotta chuckle at this one.  There is a line called the "Community organisation grants scheme" which last year gave away $14m in grants - and the line right under it is "Administration of grants" and the cost to do that last year was $13m!!!!  That said though, some pointy head must have spotted that problem because this year it's only going to cost us $3.9m to give away $12.5m!!!!!!  What a savings, eh?


Increasing taxes, increasing unemployment rate, increasing prices from our primary needs to oil are all related occurrences. It's like a see-saw effect. I have heard of this information.As a part of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul, the Department of Housing and Urban
Development was given $1 billion to provide mortgage assistance to jobless consumers. TheEmergency Homeowners' Loan Program application time period has already come to a close.Only about one-half of the cash allocated for the program is going to really be used. Anyonewho didn’t get their application in time will have a hard time getting cash advances as help. This program will be a great help to those who are unemployed and to their families as well for they will only pay out half of what was expected.


Most of the students who are overseas are there because they're having problems living in NZ with low salaries and very high taxes but rip-off costs of living. If you want to keep them here, NZ needs to increase salaries and taxes to match those in Australia and UK. Then they would continue to pay their cash loans and new laws wouldn't be necessary. KEEP UP WITH THE WORLD, NZ!!!