debt to income ratios

12 Aug 16, 1:21pm
NZ Bankers' Association completes about face on 'weak tool with low welfare gains', but is wary of RBNZ move towards debt-to-income ratio limits & making banks hold more capital against housing loans
21 Jun 16, 4:01pm
Treasury Secretary warns Aucklanders could struggle to pay their mortgages in the event of a downturn causing a knock on effect on banks and the wider economy
9 Jun 16, 1:05pm
RBNZ's Wheeler signals tougher loan to value ratio controls for investors 'towards the end of the year, or before that'; says debt to income controls a longer term prospect; confirms already in talks with English
5 Jun 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues Auckland's leaders need to aim more for growth per capita rather than just growth for the sake of it. The current low-to-no productivity growth model isn't working for most in the city and that's bad for New Zealand
3 Jun 16, 12:19pm
The Co-operative Bank lifts profit, increases rebates for member-customers and unveils $30 mln issue of debt securities
22 May 16, 5:02am
New Zealand's risk-averse savers would dearly love to invest in infrastructure bonds to fund Auckland's growth. The Auckland Council and the Government should help make that happen
15 May 16, 5:02am
Circle August 19 and November 30 in your 2016 calendars because decisions on those days by the Auckland Council and the Reserve Bank respectively could determine house prices, interest rates, the Kiwi dollar and mortgage lending limits for years to come
11 May 16, 4:13pm
PM and Finance Minister say they're open to RBNZ proposal for new Macro-Prudential measures, including debt-to-income limits
14 Mar 16, 4:02pm
Fitch says big 4 NZ banks' funding tasks manageable, notes 'potential risk' of households overstretching themselves
18 Dec 15, 7:02am
Borrowers ignore Wheeler's warning about the threat of high housing debt, with new home loans taken out last week totaling a record $1.6b & the average mortgage value nearly hitting $217k
15 Nov 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey finds more than a quarter of landlords have loans worth more than seven times income. No wonder the Reserve Bank may have to resort to limiting those multiples
12 Nov 15, 11:55am
The Reserve Bank looks intent on giving itself the best range of tools available to tackle the rampant house market
11 Nov 15, 2:05pm
The Reserve Bank says it's not considering DTIs 'at this point'. But it's gathering an awful lot of information on the subject...
2 Jul 14, 11:53am
NZIER says Bank of England's new tool to manage financial stability is better than RBNZ's high LVR limits which don't take into account households’ long-term ability to service debt


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