9 Nov 18, 8:29am
US equities are flat and US Treasury rates are little changed; NZD sits this morning at 0.6780; the local 2-year swap rate rose by 3bps to a fresh high of 2.19%, while the 5-10 year swap rates were up 6bps
8 Nov 18, 8:03am
USD is modestly softer across the board; US Treasury yields are down slightly; NZD has been the star performer following the surprising strength in labour market data yesterday
7 Nov 18, 7:42am
GBP has shown another modest gain to make it the strongest currency; US equities and Treasury rates are slightly higher; NZD sits this morning at 0.6670, about 10pips higher than this time yesterday
6 Nov 18, 7:59am
Currency movements have been small apart from GBP which has swung around on Brexit headlines; US rates are slightly lower; NZD crosses are fairly flat
29 Oct 18, 7:50am
US equities had another rough day, sending US Treasury rates lower, while JPY was the strongest of the majors; NZD saw a couple of forces on Friday, with the net result being little change after a temporary shunt downwards
26 Oct 18, 7:48am
US equities have recovered strongly after yesterday’s rout, putting some modest upward pressure on US Treasury yields, while the USD remains well bid; NZD has remained tightly range-bound; NZ rates fell yesterday
25 Oct 18, 7:53am
US equities continue to fall, putting downward pressure on global rates; a hawkish Bank of Canada saw a stronger CAD, but otherwise the USD is generally stronger, seeing the NZD weaken a little
24 Oct 18, 7:50am
Global equities have slumped again and US Treasury yields have followed the move lower; NZD has largely trade sideways in an approximate 0.6535-0.6570 range; GBP saw a spike up to 1.3040
23 Oct 18, 8:18am
Commodity currencies are underperforming and US equities in are negative territory; NZD had run up through 0.66 over the weekend, supported by a more positive vibe around China; UST yields remain tightly range-bound
19 Oct 18, 7:59am
JPY is outperforming while the NZD continues to remain uncorrelated with risk appetite; US and German 10-year rates are lower; outlook for China remains a concern
18 Oct 18, 8:01am
Against a backdrop of a stronger USD the NZD is slightly weaker this morning; European rates lower; US Treasuries are fairly flat; EUR is down 0.5% to 1.1510, not helped by Italy’s budget woes remaining a focus
17 Oct 18, 7:37am
NZD has sustained the gains made after stronger-than-expected CPI data yesterday; a lack of pulse is evident in bond markets, with UST yields little changed; EUR is flat while GBP has tracked higher
16 Oct 18, 8:00am
UST yields are trading a very tight range, while the USD has weakened across the board and the NZD has been the strongest of the majors, currently up 0.6% to around 0.6550, local rates market saw modest falls in rates across the curve
15 Oct 18, 7:57am
Currency markets were tightly range-bound on Friday, with only some weakness in GBP of note; US 10-year Treasuries followed the ups and downs of S&P futures during the day, seeing the yield down at 3.13% at the low and closing at 3.16%
12 Oct 18, 7:46am
US 10-year Treasury yields are flat to down slightly; NZD has ended up one of the better performers as short-positions were likely pared; the weaker USD since this time yesterday likely reflects a reduction in long positioning
11 Oct 18, 7:57am
Movements in currency and bond markets have been well contained, with the NZD tracking sideways and the US 10-year rate up 2bps; local 2-year swap rate unchanged at 2.03%; EUR has risen alongside GBP to reach 1.1530
10 Oct 18, 7:38am
Economic data flow has been light and markets have just been drifting, largely sideways; US 10-year rate nudged lower; NZD has maintained a tight trading range around 0.6430-0.6460 USD; NZDAUD had a peek below 0.91 yesterday
9 Oct 18, 7:47am
NZD hit a fresh multi-year low of 0.6425; AUD found support after reaching a fresh low just above 0.7040 and sits this morning at 0.7070; Italy remains a worry for markets; Treasury futures show the implied 10-year rate down a few basis points
8 Oct 18, 7:45am
US jobs data keeps Fed on track for 'normalisation' of their policy rate. USD falls, NZD falls even more to multi-year lows. EU Brexit offer to be backed-stopped with tough no-deal plans
28 Sep 18, 7:27am
USD is stronger across the board which sees the NZD down to its lowest level this week around 0.6620; US 10-year rates are steady at 3.05%; German CPI figures that were much higher than expected


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